Applied Religious Studies [Internship]



This is a publicly accessible course that provides information on the topic of internships in religious studies.
Some materials - e.g. the Wiki articles on different professional fields, which were created by participants of the seminar accompanying the internship - are a "work in process". These documents will change over time as they are revised and updated by students.


This course is designed to provide the information you need to make it easier for you to make a decision when choosing an internship in religious studies.
This course serves as additional support for personal and individual counselling by the RUB's internship officers.
The course + the personal consultation locally are to help with

  • Finding out whether an internship is right for you.
  • Finding out how the internship is carried out and what the university guidance looks like.
  • getting an overview of where you can do an internship and what you should bring with you.

Target group: Usually students and interested persons of applied religious studies.


  • Where can an internship be undertaken?
  • Religious studies as a first step into a career
  • Bibliography
  • Internship report
  • Practical information about the internship


Dr. Sarah Jahn


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