Basic Course: Modern German Literature Studies [NDL20/21]



The OCW basic course "Modern German Literature Studies" introduces students to central subject areas of German Studies.

  • The seminar was offered in WiSe 2020/21 by Robert Schütze and exemplifies how a basic NDL course can proceed, which contents are covered and which achievements have to be made.


  • The basic course "Modern German Literature Studies" is a compulsory seminar in the first semesters of the German Studies program and introduces students to central subject areas of the subject.


  • There are videos, writing assignments and tests for the individual topics.

The course is an abridged and revised version of the original course. Organizational and communicative elements (forum, groups, zoom links, etc.), free text assignments (task, blog, etc.) and literature are not included.


To gain insight into the basic course of Modern German Literary Studies

In addition, the OCW course is intended to exemplify the structure and procedure of a seminar and can help finding ideas for one's own teaching concept or in researching literature for term papers.

Target group: prospective students and students of German Studies at the RUB (first semester), teaching staff.


  • Course description & course requirements of the seminar
  • Seminar content (topics & literature)
  • Videos
  • Writing assignments & tests on topics including:
  • Literary theory, poetics, poetry, drama, rhetoric, narrative, editing philology
  • Written exams


Robert Schütze


Humanities and Social Sciences


OpenCourseWare (OCW)


Unless otherwise stated: (C) Ruhr-Universität Bochum, Robert Schütze.

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Tue, 30. Nov 2021 (aktualisiert am Fri, 03. Dec 2021)

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