Educational & Pedagogical Theories (OCW)



In this OCW course, the structure, design and sequence of the lecture Educational & Pedagogical Theories from SoSe16 are presented.

  • In addition to the list of topics on the main topic of educational theories, you will also find bibliographical references and exercises.
  • The lecture is part of the Bildungswissenschaftliches Basismodul (BiWi) and, as a compulsory module for students who want to become teachers, offers an insight into fundamental perspectives of pedagogical and educational thinking as well as into central requirements of the profession.


An insight into the structure and topics of the lecture Educational and Pedagogical Theories.
In addition, the OCW course is intended to illustrate the structure and sequence of a lecture in an exemplary manner and can help in finding ideas for one's own teaching concept or in researching literature for homework.

Target group: Teachers, teachers students, students of educational science, prospective students & new students


  • Course description & requirements of the lecture
  • Lecture contents (topics & literature on:
  • Thematic areas:
    • ancient world
    • Middle Ages, Early New Age
    • clearing up
    • New Humanism
    • progressive education
    • National Socialism
  • 2 practice tests


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