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Darstellung von Figuren, die Videos konzipieren und erstellen


In the teaching-learning concept presented here, the focus is on student production of short videos as digital media. Within the framework of a seminar, students produce their own three- to five-minute videos about their own choice of field of study. They reflect on the production process of the video as a new digital form of scientific communication. The project was initially realised in the summer semester with 20 students, 16 of whom completed the course with a video and a final reflection. Three of these videos are linked as examples in the Moodle course.



You receive an overview of how a seminar on creating videos can be implemented and how videos can also be used for your own courses.

Target group:

Lecturers, people interested in digital storytelling and the use of video in teaching contexts


  • Overview
  • Course schedule
  • Literature, links and videos
  • Helpful materials
  • Videos


Ines Gottschalk


Humanities and Social Sciences

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