Exercise on special methods and theories: Maps as sources for the history of Eastern Europe

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The exercise dealt with maps as sources for historical research. The aim was to train students in the use of maps as sources and to show, among other things, what different perspectives maps can take on historical events or how maps can be used for political and territorial interests. The historical region of Eastern Europe and its border changes served as a main focus.

  • This OCW course (Open Course Ware) presents the concept of the exercise originally held in WiSe 2019/2020 in a sustainable way. On the one hand, it covers the contents covered in the exercise, on the other hand, it deals with the process and the use of eLearning, especially H5P, in the obligatory final presentations.


Original course: Learning to use maps as a source of historical work, as well as getting to know eLearning tools such as H5P and learning to create them yourself.

OCW: Get to know the concept of an event enriched with eLearning and, if necessary, abstract it for your own event.

Target group: Lecturers, students, people interested in eLearning


  • Course overview
  • Seminar schedule
  • References
  • eLearning deployment and H5P


Dr. Agnieszka Zagańczyk-Neufeld
Chantal Luisa Bacchis
Sascha van Linn


Humanities and Social Sciences


OpenCourseWare (OCW)



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The authors are to be designated as follows: Agnieszka Zagańczyk-Neufeld, Chantal Luisa Bacchis and Sascha van Linn, Ruhr-University Bochum.

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Thu, 27. Feb 2020 (aktualisiert am Thu, 02. Dec 2021)

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