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The podcast "The East in the West" was created as part of a summer school from the Chair of Eastern European History at the Ruhr University Bochum. This course was an intensive workshop that took place in the summer semester of 2020 and dealt with socially relevant issues. Students from different disciplines met virtually with guests from different cultural mediation institutions. Using the example of teaching history about the Second World War in Poland and Russia, they looked at how educational institutions and new media, from museums to universities, engage with the politics of memory.

In the podcast, guests from academia, journalism, memorial sites and museums provide insights into their expertise on the mediation of history.


This podcast is not only aimed at students, but at anyone interested in exploring the topic of Eastern European history and its representation in contemporary educational institutions and media. The aims are to critically engage with debates on historical politics and social media. The idea is to deal with the topics in an interdisciplinary way and to get the opportunity to think outside the box.


Agnieszka Zaganczyk-Neufeld
Patrick Lehmhaus


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