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We are a group of young researchers talking about old and new research topics in German medieval studies.We present a variety of research topics as well as questions about the study and teaching of German medieval studies, in an informal and entertaining atmosphere, as part of the podcast ,,Pergament und Mikrofon''. You can find more information here: https://www.rub.de/pergament-und-mikrofon


  • The possibility to implement contents of German medieval studies in podcast form, in the context of research-based learning
  • The podcast "Pergament und Mikrofon" is to be used for German medieval studies in order to inform about medieval texts and their research, but also to inform about teaching in German medieval studies and to stimulate a scientific exchange.
  • The podcast is intended to provide a look behind the scenes of research

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Anika Meißner
Holger Kahle


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Tue, 15. Feb 2022 (aktualisiert am Thu, 16. Mar 2023)

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