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The learning materials on the Japanese language presented in the Moodle course are largely the result of the preliminary courses of the Summer University, which usually take place in September. We recommend this online course to those who could not find a way to attend the preliminary course.

Procedure: The entire course consists of about 44 lessons. When learning online, you decide when, what, where and for how long you want to learn. This requires a great deal of self-discipline. The learning materials can be opened and edited with a click.

Learning materials: audio-visual lectures, video recordings, various interactive exercises and tests.


Preparation for studies.
Facilitate the start of studies in Japanology by giving an insight into the subject matter of studies at the RUB.
For this purpose, topics were selected which, from the Japanologists' point of view, are useful for new students at the start of their studies.

Target group: Interested persons and first-year students in Japanology


  • lingo
  • script
  • phonetics
  • study techniques
  • Studying at the RUB or in Japan


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