Proseminar: 1000 Reasons (not) to learn (OCW)



This seminar from the field of educational science (teaching and learning research) from WiSe 17/18 provided an accessible introduction to the theories of motivation and interest research. This provided a basis for important decisions that teachers, among others, have to make on a daily basis: How can learning succeed? How do you recognize individual interests and how do you raise situational interest? Together, the theoretical foundations were discussed in the seminar, empirical studies were reviewed and concrete options for action were developed. The main question was: How can motivation be distinguished from interest?

  • Part of the seminar was to create a tutorial video for exam preparation.
  • Presentation and practical instructions for video creation are available in the course as a PDF file.
  • In this course, a video from a group of participants will be presented as an example.


Giving an insight into the structure and topics of a proseminar in educational science.
In addition, the OCW course is intended to illustrate the structure and organisation of a seminar in an exemplary manner and can help in finding ideas for one's own teaching concept or in researching literature for homework.

Target group: Teachers, students of pedagogy, people interested in studying & first-year students


  • course description & requirements of the seminar
  • seminar topics
  • bibliographical references
  • videos & additional material for video creation


Vanessa van den Bogaert


Humanities and Social Sciences



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CC BY SA 4.0

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