"Shouki" Project for Modern Chinese I-IV und Classical Chinese I-II language courses

Chinese Characters


Shouki" is about making learning Chinese characters, pronunciation and reading comprehension as efficient, practical and fun as possible. For this purpose, digital flashcards are offered, which can be accessed with the help of the program "Anki". "Anki" is a flashcard software and app that allows you to retrieve flashcards using a computer or smartphone.

The course includes the flashcards for the "Modern Chinese" I -IV courses and the "Classical Chinese" I and II courses.

The "Shouki" project is one of the winning projects of the competition. It is a project by students for students, which exists independently from the classes.


The goal of this course is to learn and review characters, their pronunciation and reading comprehension.


Prof. Dr. Christian Schwermann
Mi Liu
Lea Brandes
Lukas Krüger
Zuoshend Ding
Fabian Evers
Edithh Ladermann
Gerrit Rolofs
Marlen Zimmermann


Humanities and Social Sciences





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Tue, 13. Sep 2022 (aktualisiert am Tue, 13. Sep 2022)

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