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Field trip


This website is an online-field trip through some quarters of the city of Bochum in which topics from the geography-module “city and regional development” are picked up and exemplary advanced. Material (audio data, maps, questions) is made available online for students to autonomously conduct field trips. Subject-specific topics are creative economies, real estate and location communities, promotion of urban development or problems of disadvantaged urban quarters. More information: (funded by the 5x5000 contest)


At the end of the field trip:

  • You will know how different stakeholders can engage in the development of quarters - Be it single stakeholders like proprietors of a building, companies that merge into real estate and location communities, the public sector at city, state or federal level or citizens who are involved in participation procedures;
  • You will have got to know various projects that are intended to: enhance the internal value of quarters, but also measures aimed at marketing quarters to the outside world; you will know possible conflicts of use in and of urban areas; you will have understood how urban development promotion is implemented on site and have got to know some opportunities and limits.

Target group: Geography students, all interested parties


  • 1st field trip: Bermudadreieck, Viktoriaquartier, Ehrenfeld
  • 2nd field trip: Westend


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