Interactive presentations for asynchronous lecture content in physics

Darstellung von Grafik und Rechnung


The poster gives an overview of the concept of a course in physics. In the course "Basics of Quantum Mechanics and Statistics", synchronous lectures and exercises were supplemented by asynchronous tasks and quizzes in Moodle. In addition to slides with sound and animations, students were given access to interactive widgets and multiple choice quizzes. The latter were implemented with H5P.

The poster shows examples of how the concept was presented and implemented. Further links and QR codes provide more information.

Dr. Christopher Körber, Sven Reibert and Michael Abolnikov were guests on the RUBeL podcast, where they presented their concept: Link to podcast episode (german)

The repository for the course is available online: Link to repository (german)

The course was also published as OCW on OpenRUB: Link to the course (german)


Dr. Christopher Körber


Natural Sciences




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"Interactive presentations for asynchronous lecture content in physics" by Dr. Christopher Körber, license: CC BY-SA 4.0

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Tue, 21. Feb 2023

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