Modul eTutoring (SoSe 2020)

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Course form: Practical course supported by colloquia and workshops

Lecturers: Simone Henze, Kathrin Braungardt & RUBeL team

Content: In a 5-day block course (qualification) students acquire didactic and technical eLearning competences before the start of the semester. During the semester, the student eTutors complete their internships with RUB lecturers and support them in integrating eLearning elements into the corresponding courses.

Teachers supervise the students' internships in terms of subject matter and organisation and in return receive advice and support in integrating eLearning into their courses or innovative projects.

Number of participants: 16

Semester: Bachelor phase

Subject area: interdisciplinary

CP: 5 or 10

Forms of examination: Blog posts, project presentation, report

Online tools summer semester 2020:

  • Powerpoint presentation with voice over
  • Moodle: forum, survey, database, assignment
  • Zoom

The following topics were conducted in the form of asynchronous online tasks instead of the usual colloquium dates in attendance:

Audio and video workshop

1. Written participation in a forum discussion on the topic "Audio and video in teaching - advantages and disadvantages" and on the topic "Analysis of sample videos"

2. Creation of an audio contribution (podcast) using Audacity

3. Creating a PowerPoint presentation with voice over

4. Making a creative teaching video with MySimpleshow

Introduction to the topic: Video (approx. 14 minutes): Creating audio/video in/for courses

Task on the topic of self-directed learning & eLearning

1. Preliminary question on the topic of "self-directed learning" with three questions. The purpose of this question is to get the participants thinking about the topic without any further input.

2. Introduction to the topic as a PowerPoint presentation with sound for listening or viewing (approx. 22 minutes): Self-directed learning & eLearning

3. Analysis task: For the completion of the task, a pre-prepared form (Moodle database) is filled in.  The entries are visible to all.

Task on evaluation, sustainability & OER

- Questions on evaluation criteria and form via Moodle database

- Introduction to the topic as a PowerPoint presentation with voice over for listening or viewing (approx. 25 minutes): Video Sustainability & OER; Video Quality, Evaluation and Sustainability

- Questions on the suitability of the course for publication on OpenRUB via Moodle forum


Kathrin Braungardt


Humanities and Social Sciences


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Wed, 03. Feb 2021

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