Like Siblings: Sustainability and Open Educational Resources (OER)

Sustainable development goals and Open Educational Resources


OER and sustainability are close relatives: Sustainability can basically be seen as closely related to the approach of OER, because these contain mechanisms of reusability and a culture of sharing. However, these are also other points of connection, e.g. to the UN's Agenda 2030. Within the 2030 Agenda, one Sustainable Development Goal is that of quality education (SDG 4, In line with this goal are the objectives of OER, i.e. to enable open access to educational materials.

The poster shows the OER activities at RUB and models for teaching. Among others, the OER team, the AG Open Science and OpenRUB are presented.

This and other posters of the 5th Digital Humanities Day at RUB under the motto "Sustainable DH in research and teaching" can be found here.


ZfW, Bereich eLearning (RUBeL)


RUBeL (eLearning)




Like Siblings: Sustainbility and Open Educational Resources (OER) by ZfW, Bereich eLearning (RUBeL), CC BY-SA 4.0, Excluded from the license are the used logos and the RUB design.

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Mon, 07. Aug 2023

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