A blog by students for students. You want to know which professions can be pursued after studying social sciences? In this blog, students of social sciences at the RUB share their internship experiences. This is intended to provide an insight into the diverse occupational fields of social scienti...

Dr. Heike Hoppmann

YouTube channel

Here you will find the YouTube channel "ChemieRUB" with lectures from the Faculty of Chemistry and Biochemistry at the RUB.

Prof. Dr. Gerald Dyker
Literatur research

self-study course in Moodle

Literary work is a fundamental part of scientific work. This course presents the basics of research and the handling of literature as well as special databases (overviews of databases of certain subjects: chemistry, biology, physics, mathematics, geography) in the form...

Prof. Dr. Katrin Sommer, Dr. Christian Strippel & Dr. Nicolas Efing

OpenCourseWare (OCW)

In this OCW course, the structure, design and sequence of the lecture Educational & Pedagogical Theories from SoSe16 are presented. The lecture is part of the Bildungswissenschaftliches Basismodul (BiWi) which is a compulsory module for students who want to...

Prof. Dr. Till Kössler
Engineers at Work, eLearning for engineers

information course

An open course particularly for teachers in the field of engineering sciences. You will find here amongst others:

An Introduction to Moodle, tips & tricks, Copyright Issues, relevant Tools, contact Persons

RUBeL: eTeam ING

OpenCourseWare (OCW)

This course is part of the module Groundwater Hydraulics and was held in the summer semester 2021. It provides an introduction to the theory behind numerical modelling in relation to groundwater. The program Grass GIS was used for this purpose.

Dr. Thomas Heinze

course concept

In SoSe 2017 a cooperation between the educational sciences and history didactics took place. In accordance with the motto "INTERdisciPLAYnarity", students from both disciplines worked in interdisciplinary groups on the topics of museum didactics and computer games as a learning medium.

Prof. Dr. Sandra Aßmann & Prof. Dr. Christian Bunnenberg

OpenCourseWare (OCW)

In this OCW course, the combined introductory seminar "Development and Learning of Educational Science Studies in Structure, Construction and Process", organised in WiSe 2015/2016, is presented. In addition to the list of topics and references, you will also find materi...

Dr. Julia Eberle
Sustainable development goals and Open Educational Resources



ZfW, Bereich eLearning (RUBeL)
maths 1

OpenCourseWare (OCW)

In this OCW course, the lecture Linear Algebra and Geometry I, held in WiSe 2016/2017, is presented in structure, construction and sequence. This lecture is one of the four basic lectures that are obligatory for all students of mathematics in their first year of study.

Prof. Dr. Markus Reineke

OpenCourseWare (OCW)

In this OCW course the lecture Linear Algebra and Geometry II held in SoSe 2017 is presented in structure, construction and sequence. This lecture is one of the four basic lectures that are obligatory for all students of mathematics in their first year of study.

Prof. Dr. Markus Reineke
Zeche Zollverein


Explore the Ruhr area’s literary side! On the literature map of the Ruhr area you will find showplaces from novels and poems, whereabouts of local authors and literary institutions.

Dr. Stephanie Heimgartner

information course


AG Open Science


The podcast of the DiAL:OGe project of the Professional School of Education (PSE) addresses digitalisation in teaching training inside and outside the RUB.

PSE (Professional School of Education) Bochum, Joana Kadir

Audio Recording

The podcast "Sports Nutrition the Science Podcast" focuses on topics of sports nutrition. The current topics of nutrition in (competitive) sport are discussed and scientifically examined. Among other things, the podcast is about basics such as food energy, but also about the relevance of certain...

Marius Kirmse, Vanessa Höffmann

self-study course in Moodle

You would like to refresh your basic knowledge in mathematics, chemistry and physics and prepare for the pre-examination in biology? Then you've come to the right place.

Summer University

OpenCourseWare (OCW)

This educational sciences seminar (area "Lehr-/Lernforschung") from WiSe 17/18 offered an understandable introduction to the theories of motivation and interest research. The seminar focused on the question of how motivation can be distinguished from interest.

Vanessa van den Bogaert
Green Check

self assessment

The RUBCheck Psychology is an online self-test with which you can inform yourself about this field of study and determine your own strengths as well as areas where you need to catch up.