Content of the digital summer semester available on OpenRUB

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Due to the COVID 19 pandemic, the summer semester 2020 had to be held online. This means that every event that was held this semester is online. We assume that a large number of high-quality materials have been created in the process. These can be opened and made available on OpenRUB

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Maybe you have a lecture recording or an asynchronous seminar with online tests, audio or video recordings, interactive learning units, jointly developed products such as glossaries or wikis. You may also have something completely different.
It could be of interest to other lecturers or students to use this content: as inspiration or material for their own teaching or as material for their studies. Individual content, course concepts and courses with selected content can be published on OpenRUB. You do not have to do anything for the implementation, we support and provide advice on publishing on OpenRUB.
OpenRUB is the platform for freely accessible and open teaching and learning materials (Open Content and Open Educational Resources) for all departments of the Ruhr-University Bochum.

The following formats can be published:

  • Moodle courses (in full or in parts)
  • course concepts
  • materials: including slides, scripts, tests, pictures, drawings, H5P elements, video and audio recordings

Of course, for copyright reasons, only content you have created yourself can be published. The advantage of such content is that you can also make it available as so-called OER (Open Educational Resources), i.e. with a free licence. This makes it easier for others to use your content. We at OpenRUB are happy to support you in licensing your content and advise you on copyright issues and all other matters relating to opening up.  
If you would like to publish content on OpenRUB, write to under the subject OpenRUB. Specify which courses or content from the courses you are referring to. We look at your material and make a suggestion as to what a publication on OpenRUB might look like.