As a lecturer at Ruhr-University Bochum you can become part of the OpenRUB project. Take part and open your teaching.
If you are interested, there are many ways to open your teaching.
As an eScouts team, we provide you with advice and support on your individual way to open your materials.

Simply contact us directly:


Examples of different formats:

  • OCW-Courses

    Open your Moodle course as OCW (OpenCourseWare format). For teachers who want to open their courses with little effort, we have developed this special course format in Moodle. The course consists of a course description (mainly course plan and bibliography) and the content used in your course. Our flexible course format allows teachers to choose what content they want to make available in an open course. In order to minimize the effort, we offer a full-service package for the creation of an open course, which includes consulting, implementation and support of such an OCW course.

    The following Moodle course is an example of what an OCW course could look like: OCW Demo Course. Click here!

  • Presentations, Text Documents, Slides, Pictures, Videos, Audio

    Publish individual event content: Provide your lecture slides, pictures, videos or other content from your event that you have created yourself or to which you own the rights of use.

  • Self-study courses

    Create short learning modules or complete self-study courses: How about a trial offer for prospective or new students?

  • OER

    Create free materials together with your students: work together with your students on free and open materials and thus make your commitment to teaching visible.