Advanced Practice: Death and Spaces

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In the Advanced Practice: Death and Space, prospective historians have explored the theme of death and space across epochs. The 5x5000 Winner Course is now available as OCW. The four lecturers - each specialists in an epoch - met in the summer semester of 2017 and, supported by InStudies and the Zentrum für Wissenschaftsdidaktik, especially the eLearning team, developed the concept of "Death and Death Cult" (SoSe 2017) and "Death and Space" (SoSe 2018). The event took the form of a block exercise.

Methods: The focus of the block exercise was on independent source work using suitable theoretical texts, networking young scientists with advanced students, outdoor events and field trips as well as a sustainable final contribution.


Get an understanding of working across epochs in history and get to know alternative teaching/learning concepts.

Target group: Teachers and students of history, interested parties


  • Course description and objectives of the course
  • Overview of the course of the block exercise
  • Extensive literature list on all epochs covered
  • Podcast created by students


Dr. Muriel González Athenas, Dr. Olena Petrenko, Mirjam Reitmayer, Dr. Meret Strothmann


Humanities & Social Sciences


OpenCourseWare (OCW)


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