Basics of quantum mechanics and statistics

Darstellung von Grafik und Rechnung


The Moodle course for the lecture "Basics of Quantum Mechanics and Statistics" was used for announcements and to provide lecture-supporting elements. The download, upload and correction of homework was also done there.

The lectures took place twice a week. In the study groups, the students were able to apply the lecture content of the previous week. Weekly homework deepened this material and made it possible to collect bonus points for the final exam.

As a third package, digital learning materials were made available to the students via Moodle. This mix of quizzes, introduced during the lecture, and other supplementary asynchronous elements, were published each week alongside the lecture, with activity completions to allow students to keep track of the tasks completed.

This project is one of the winning projects of the 29th round of the 5x5000 competition.


This course has been published as OpenCourseWare (OCW). It offers teachers an insight into the implementation of a course. In addition, the quizzes are available to give students and interested parties the opportunity to get an impression and even test existing knowledge.


Dr. Christopher Körber
Dominic Hillenkötter
Henri Huesmann
Ilja Jaroschewski
Nils Conrad
Michael Abolnikov
Hajar Mouqadem
Sven Reibert
Max Ziehfreund


Natural Sciences


OpenCourseWare (OCW)



This work and its contents are - unless otherwise stated - licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0.

"Grundlagen der Quantenmechanik und Statistik" by Dr. Christopher Körber, Dominic Hillenkötter, Henri Huesmann, Ilja Jaroschewski, Nils Conrad, Michael Abolnikov, Hajar Mouqadem, Sven Reibert and Max Ziehfreund, licence: CC BY-SA 4.0.

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Tue, 07. Mar 2023 (aktualisiert am Tue, 01. Aug 2023)

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