Digital treasure hunt through the IC building of the RUB

IC-Gebäude, Karte


This entertaining game is based on the engine Taleblazer, which was designed by MIT, and uses it to give the players a short and interactive insight into the IC building. The game is aimed at pupils and first-year students and is intended to help them get to know the building and the most important contact points there in a playful way. At the beginning of the game, the player therefore chooses one of three roles:

  • Pupil
  • MB (Mechanical Engineering) & SEPM (Sales Engineering and Project Management)
  • BI (Civil Engineering) & UTRM (Environmental Engineering and Resource Management)

The game is played via mobile phone and requires the free app Taleblazer (IOS & Android).

There you have to enter the game code gcivrqt to get to the game.


Get to know the IC building of the RUB and its most important contact points

Target group: Pupils interested in studying in the ING field, first-semester students, interested parties


  • Three roles with different paths to be followed
  • Small puzzles to unlock the next stage of your journey
  • Simple and easy introduction to orientation at the RUB
  • Getting to know the most important contact points in the IC building


eTeam ING: Katharina Jacob and Michael Fuchs






Software: Copyright (c) Taleblazer. Game, unless otherwise indicated: eTeam ING: Katharina Jacob and Michael Fuchs, CC-BY 4.0 CC-BY 4.0

Date of publication

Wed, 22. May 2019 (aktualisiert am Thu, 25. Jun 2020)

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