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Literary work is a fundamental part of scientific work. Literature work on didactic questions also presents students with a special challenge: literature must be researched and synthesised from academic, educational and practical teaching sources.

  • This course presents the basics of research and the handling of literature as well as special databases (overviews of databases of certain subjects: chemistry, biology, physics, mathematics, geography) in the form of short video tutorials in order to enable a quick and individual refresher or supplementation of previous knowledge on literary work.
  • This course offers the opportunity to individually improve literature research skills. Video tutorials can be used on the following topics:
    • Basics of literature research (keyword search, citation, etc.)
    • Overview of general databases
    • Overviews of databases of certain subjects (chemistry, biology, physics, mathematics, geography)
    • Introduction to working with selected databases


Get to know subject-specific databases and learn literature research techniques for the subjects chemistry, biology, physics, mathematics & geography.

Target group: Students and freshmen in chemistry, biology, physics, mathematics and geography


  • Basics of Literature Research
  • Interdisciplinary Information
  • Chemistry:
    • DChemLit
    • Central chemistry-didactic sources
  • Geography:
    • GEODOK
    • GeoDidaktik
    • Central geography-didaktic sources
  • Mathematics:
    • MAT Journals
    • MATHEduc Database
    • Central mathematic-didaktic sources
  • Physics:
    • central physics-didaktic sources
  • Biology:
    • central biology-didaktic sources


Prof. Dr. Katrin Sommer
Dr. Christian Strippel
Dr. Nicolas Efing


Natural Sciences


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Wed, 25. Jul 2018 (aktualisiert am Mon, 13. Sep 2021)

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