Exercise: Basic course in German Medieval Studies


This course is an accompanying exercise to the basic course in German Medieval Studies held in the summer semester 2021. In addition to the plenary, this regularly held exercise (Basic Course in Medieval Studies Part 2) generally offers an introduction to working with Middle High German texts of various genres: Students gain insight into Middle High German epic poetry, the courtly novel, minnesong, medical texts and legal texts.

The exercise took place weekly in the summer semester 2021 synchronously in online format. An important focus of the exercise was the foundation of linguistic understanding through the study of Middle High German. The exercise was flanked by the new online learning programme neli developed in Bochum.

This course is one of the winning projects of the 27th round of the contest 5x5000.


For students and interested people:

  • Insights into various Middle High German texts of different genres (e.g. heroic epic, minnesong, legal texts)
  • Linguistic understanding of the Middle High German language

For educators:

  • Practical example of the implementation of an exercise for medieval studies in German studies


PD Dr. Michael Ott


Humanities and Social Sciences





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Attribution accoring to TULLU-rule as follows: "Grundkurs Germanistische Mediävistik" by PD Dr. Michael Ralf Ott and Ruhr-University Bochum, licence: CC BY-SA 4.0

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