Interactive Whiteboards in the Classroom



Learn how to use interactive whiteboards (eBoards) in Moodle. The content is conveyed through videos and self-checking tests. In addition, the course is constantly being developed. Participation is of course free of charge.

  • Duration: The length of the course depends entirely on your learning pace. To work through all content, you should allow 45-75 minutes per chapter.
  • Software: Usually we work with interactive whiteboards from SMART and their software SMART Notebook in this course. However, many applications can also be transferred to other interactive whiteboards.
  • Prerequisite: In order to complete all videos and tests, a Moodle account is required, which can be created free of charge.
  • For RUB members: After completing the course you can test an interactive whiteboard in the rooms of the RUB.


The aim is to learn how to use interactive whiteboards, especially the use of eBoards in teaching situations.

Target group: This self-study course is for all who are interested in interactive whiteboards.


  • Chapter 1: First Steps - Getting to know the interactive whiteboard
  • Chapter 2: Beginners - Disovering the basic functions
  • Chapter 3: Advanced - How can the potential of the whiteboard be used?
  • Chapter 4: In the classroom - How can the whiteboard be integrated into the classroom?
  • Chapter 5: Copyright - What must be observed with copyright in schools?
  • Frequently asked questions about the use of interactive whiteboards in teaching are also answered in the FAQ section.


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Interactive Whiteboards in the Classroom; Matthias Kostrzewa and Theresa Jacobi, PSE and RUBeL, Ruhr-University Bochum, CC-BY-SA 4.0.
CC BY SA 4.0

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