Introductory Seminar: Development & Learning (OCW)


In this OCW course, the introductory seminar "Development and Learning of Educational Science Studies in Structure, Construction and Process", held in WiSe 2015/2016, is presented. This event was additionally coupled with an exercise and a tutorial on scientific work.

  • In addition to the list of topics on the overriding topic of development and learning, you will also find references and helpful material from the corresponding tutorial on scientific work (guidelines on MS-Word, MS-Powerpoint and writing a handout).
  • The introductory seminar mainly dealt with basic psychological theories, which are also of great importance for educational science and pedagogical action.


Introduction and a first insight into a seminar of educational psychology.
In addition, the OCW course is intended to illustrate the structure and organisation of a seminar in an exemplary manner and can help in finding ideas for one's own teaching concept or in researching literature for homework.

Target group: Prospective students, new students, teachers


  • Course description & requirements of the seminar
  • Seminar contents, exercise contents and tutorial contents for scientific writing
  • Thematic areas:
    • Classical & Operant Conditioning,
    • Learning by model (Bandura), Piaget, knowledge acquisition & memory,
    • Constructivism & Situated Learning,
    • Intelligence & Talent,
    • Attribution & Motivation
  • Bibliography + links to OPAC (RUB library portal)
  • PDF: MS Word manual, handouts guide, MS Powerpoint manual


Dr. Julia Eberle


Humanities and Social Sciences


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