Preliminary Course - Natural Science 101



You would like to refresh your basic knowledge in mathematics, chemistry and physics and prepare for the pre-examination in biology? Then you've come to the right place.

  • Available every year from September to June!
  • The eLearning learning materials of the Moodle course result from the classroom course at the Summer University.
  • The Summer University takes place about four weeks before the beginning of each semester. Please inform yourself in due time at the RUB on the homepage of the faculty.
  • During the course, only the topics/materials that have already been worked on or are currently topical will be made available online. Afterwards, all learning modules are released without restrictions.


Refreshing of basic knowledge in mathematics, chemistry & physics & preparation for the pre-examination in biology.

Target group: all those interested in science & new students of the natural sciences at the RUB


  • Mathematics:
    Elementary functions
    Differential calculus
    Integral calculation


  • Physics:
    Physical quantities and their conversion
    Energy conversion
    Bonding energy (ion bonding)
    Speed, acceleration, energy & power
    Separation of forces (mechanical power, weight, motion, impulse)
    Plate capacitor
    Resistance circuits
    Electron in the electric field
    Thematic performance
    Resistors - Ohm´s law
    Speed of molecules
    Heating - Evaporation


  • Chemistry:
    General Chemistry I & II
    Organic Chemistry I & II
    Biochemistry I & II


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