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STACK is a task tool with which closed as well as open mathematical tasks can be implemented. It is possible for STACK to generate tasks randomly and provide students with differentiated and adaptive feedback.
In this course you will get to know STACK and learn how to create your own tasks with the help of numerous video tutorials and corresponding sample tasks.

At the very bottom you will also find a STACK wiki created by us, a PDF short manual for the tool and a link collection with further support for STACK and Maxima. You will also find the "playground" where you can try out STACK yourself and create your own tasks.

This course is completely public and accessible without login. However, to use all functions without restrictions, an account for the Moodle of the Ruhr-University Bochum is required. If you don't have an account yet, you can create one free and easy by following this link.


Get to know the functions of STACK by means of videos

Target audience: Everyone who wants to create customizable tasks in Moodle


  • Demonstration of the most important functions of STACK
  • Creation of a STACK task
  • Randomization and feedback tree
  • closed questions in STACK
  • Matrices in STACK
  • Input type "Equivalence reasoning"
  • Input type "Comments"
  • Input type "Text field"
  • Input type "String"
  • Interactive Graphs with JSXGraph
  • Wiki, quick guide, link collection and playground



Michael Kallweit




self-study course in Moodle


Michael Kallweit, CC BY-NC-SA 4.0


Date of publication

Tue, 28. Apr 2020 (aktualisiert am Thu, 25. Jun 2020)

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