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On OpenRUB you can find freely accessible teaching/learning materials: -> Search on OpenRUB.

Where can I find OER on OpenRUB?

The licenses (copyright or Creative Comons licenses) are displayed with the respective material on a material overview page with description.

Also other OER platforms and materials can be found, for example, in the OER database we created:

Search in OER database: Open Moodle course "Open Teaching and Learning"


Where can I find OER in general?

If you want to find teaching/learning materials outside of OpenRUB, you can pursue the following very common options, for example:

Filter functions of search engines and platforms

Many search engines and platforms, such as Google, YouTube or Flickr have filter functions that can be set to display only freely available materials. So filter your search by usage rights:

Example: Google Image Search > Settings > Search Options > Usage Rights (and select desired usage rights): see also tutorial on Google filter functions on YouTube.



Under openverse you will find a meta search engine designed to find CC materials and thus OER. openverse searches across various platforms, e.g. Flickr, Wikimedia Commons, but also many cultural institutions.

OER platform ORCA (NRW wide platform)


Meta search engine OERSI

OER metasearch engine via various German-language university portals:

Search OERSI