Dealing with classroom disruptions

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This module includes tasks for listening comprehension and vocabulary extension as well as communicative language activities, including productive tasks for dealing with classroom disruptions and (non-)verbal interventions. Experiences from own teaching practice and changes of perspective between teachers and learners are reflected, differences between verbal and non-verbal interventions are clarified and characteristics and effects of “you” and “I” messages are gradually developed linguistically and trained in the form of role plays (including means of speech).

For a further deepening of the topic, in particular on further strategies for dealing with acute disruptive situations in the classroom, the module Teaching Disruptions as part of the Pedagogical Intercultural Qualification (PIQ) is recommended.


In this unit you will learn:

  • Talk about your own experiences with classroom disruptions
  • Distinguish between classroom disruptions from the perspective of teachers and learners
  • Distinguish between verbal and non-verbal interventions
  • Know favorable communication messages
  • Describe the desired behavior on the part of learners
  • Know the effects of “you” and “I” messages
  • Formulate “I” messages with a focus on feeling, behavior and effect
  • Practicing verbal interventions depending on classroom disruptions
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    Anja Häusler
    Juliane Michelini
    Nasslie Bratzadeh
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    Tue, 05/07/2024 - 12:36 (updated on Fri, 05/24/2024 - 09:47)