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The ESERO Germany is a joint project of ESA and the German Aerospace Centre (DLR). The Ruhr-University Bochum and a committed consortium of ten institutions from North Rhine-Westphalia were awarded the contract to set up the ESERO office. The ESERO project develops teaching materials, offers training for teachers on space topics such as Earth observation, navigation, communication and space exploration and participates in national school competitions and projects organised by ESA and DLR. The training courses for interested primary and secondary school teachers take place regularly. Our interactive learning units, which are freely available to you, are based on the school curricula of the federal states and enable the integration of one of the most popular topics among young people into the classroom: space! This exciting subject area can be used, particularly in STEM subjects and geography, to arouse pupils' interest, curiosity and enjoyment in learning about science, technology and math’s and to enable fear-free, playful, exploratory learning. As ESERO Germany, we have experience in setting up and carrying out a wide range of practical and technical experiments. We also regularly take part in national competitions and support their organisation.


As ESERO Office Germany, our aim is to bring space science into the classroom in an exciting and innovative way and to promote pupils' skills in the subjects of mathematics, computer science, natural sciences and technology (STEM subjects). We want to utilise young people's fascination and enthusiasm for space and space travel to awaken their interest in and enjoyment of STEM subjects and introduce them to science and technology in an exciting way.

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