Self-reading course: Buddhism in South Asia

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This course offers an overview of the development of Buddhist traditions from their beginnings on the Indian subcontinent during the last four centuries before the turn of the millennium to the present day. It focuses on the foundations of Buddhist doctrine and practice and their development in the course of the spread of Buddhist traditions beyond the Indian subcontinent.

The course is designed as a self-study course. It is based on the handbook Berkwitz, S. C. South Asian Buddhism: A Survey, Routledge, London and New York, 2010. There is also a selection of relevant articles and primary sources as well as podcasts. In addition, a catalogue of questions for analysing the primary sources and quizzes are available.


The aims of this self-reading course are

  • Obtaining a general historical overview of the development of Buddhist traditions on the Indian subcontinent
  • Insights into the intercultural exchange as well as the political and economic conditions
  • Acquiring basic knowledge of the Buddhist world of faith in teaching and practice
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    Prof. Dr. Jessie Pons
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    Humanities and Social Sciences
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