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New public domain works from 1/1/2024.

Since January 1, 2024, many copyrighted works in Germany have entered the public domain after 70 years. The newly public domain works include pieces by Francis Picabia and in the USA, "Steamboat Willie," the first synchronized sound cartoon featuring Mickey Mouse. However, "Steamboat Willie" remains under copyright protection in Germany. Wikimedia Commons has noted an increase in new works due to these changes. The duration of copyright protection varies by country, with the USA having different deadlines. Websites like the Public Domain Review annually list works that enter the public domain based on specific copyright laws such as "life plus 70 years" in Germany.
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Open Education Week: 4. - 8. March 2024

From March 6th to March 8th, 2024, an OERCamp will take place in Hamburg. This event combines workshops and a Barcamp format and is aimed at all those interested in OER (Open Educational Resources).