Course: Working Techniques in Literary Studies

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In summer semester 21, in addition to the basic course "Modern German Literary Studies", the propaedeutic exercise "Working Techniques of Literary Studies" introduced students in the first semesters of the German studies programme to literary studies work and the necessary working techniques using a manageable object of study as an example. In addition to the intensive development of thematic aspects, various techniques of text analysis were therefore tried out in the course.

The students learned how (historical) dictionaries can be used productively for interpreting literary texts, why it is worth working with digital copies of old prints and how to find them. Furthermore, they learned how to bibliographise, evaluate research literature and enter into conversation with each other in order to develop their own theses and to formulate them appropriately in terms of language.


The goals of the course are:

  • an introduction to the working techniques of literary studies
  • learning how to confidently apply methods of literary studies
  • learning essential techniques for writing your own literary texts (e.g. term papers) and
  • practising methods such as arguing, analysing and commenting.
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    Robert Schütze
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    Humanities and Social Sciences
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