Checking class performance

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This module includes tasks for vocabulary training and communicative language activities, including productive tasks for formulating class tests and examinations. It focuses on different phases and forms of performance assessment, the legal framework and the linguistically appropriate preparation of class tests and possible task types.


In this unit you will learn:

  • Formulate sub-steps of the performance assessment
  • Distinguish between learning and performance tasks
  • Know selected aspects of test creation
  • Read and understand class tests
  • Know and distinguish the meaning of individual operators
  • Interdisciplinary criteria for the structure of a class test
  • Create a written test and formulate relevant structural elements
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    Nasslie Bratzadeh
    Anja Häusler
    Gabriella Kärcher
    Juliane Michelini
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    Tue, 05/07/2024 - 12:51 (updated on Tue, 05/14/2024 - 13:58)