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Jesus died - no moment of his life is more securely proven, and none is more challenging. Jesus' death "under Pontius Pilate" belongs in the creed because the historical fact has enormous theological significance. This course examines the death of Jesus from different perspectives. The online course "Online Kurs Tod Jesu (ToJ)"

  • informs about the literary sources on the Passion of Jesus (Module II),
  • provides a problem-oriented overview of the historical sequence of the Passion of Jesus up to the crucifixion and burial (Module III)
  • introduces the debates about a theological interpretation of the death of Jesus (Module IV).

The basis is the module on hermeneutics; here it is developed narratologically (Module I).



The online course uses numerous exercises and test tools that you can work through by yourself. You are guided through the programme, but you can determine your learning speed and progress yourself! A progress bar shows your individual learning success. The offer is completed by external links and references to the services of the Chair of New Testament. The online course encourages autonomous study of sources and independent thinking. You get access

  • to exegetical materials, 
  • to a discussion forum with other participants,
  • to exercises that you can use to test your own learning success, by answering in your own words in about 1000 characters (with spaces),
  • to a platform for essays that you create in consultation with the NT Bochum chair team.

Target group: This online course was developed by the Chair of Exegesis in the New Testament at the Ruhr-University Bochum and is closely supervised by the staff. This offer is addressed to those interested in theology without prior knowledge, but with a willingness for new learning experiences and findings.


Death is an outstanding challenge for theology, because it is a historical fact, which is witnessed to many times in literature, but which is interpreted intensively.

  • The literary dimension: There are numerous sources both within and outside the New Testament.
  • The historical dimension: The circumstances of the Passion are highly controversial; the Resurrection of Jesus is extremely precarious.
  • The theological dimension: The question of God is raised in the greatest severity.

In all three dimensions, ToJ offers fundamental information on a current scholarly basis and impulses for one's own research, informed discussion and reasoned judgement.

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    Aleksandra Brand
    Prof. Dr. Thomas Söding
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