Practical Exercise: In the middle of history - Virtual reality at memorial sites

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Virtual reality applications with history staging advertise that they make the past "experienceable" or "tangible". The virtual environment, according to the associated advertising, is meticulously recreated in detail to be perceived as "authentic". The course offers an introduction to history-related virtual reality applications from the perspectives of digital history, historical theory, historical game studies and history didactics. In the course, after some preparatory sessions with theoretical and practical content, excursions were made to the NS Documentation Centre Cologne, where a prototype of a VR application was tested and evaluated. Finally, group work was used to develop their own prototype for a virtual memorial.

This course is one of the winning projects of the 29th round of the 5x5000 competition.


The aim of the course is the theoretical and practical examination of history-related virtual reality applications in memorial sites.

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