Happy Death

OpenCourseWare (OCW)

In the Advanced Practice: Death and Spaces, budding historians have explored the theme of death and space across epochs. The 5x5000 Winner Course is now available as OCW.

Dr. Muriel González Athenas, Dr. Olena Petrenko, Mirjam Reitmayer, Dr. Meret Strothmann

information course

This is a publicly available Moodle course designed to provide you with information on all aspects of internships.

Dr. Sarah Jahn

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The basic course  "Neuere deutsche Literaturwissenschaft" (Modern German Literature Studies) introduces s...

Robert Schütze

lecture recording

A web-based lecture for (self-) study: Fundamentals of game theory by Prof. Stefan Winter, Chair of Human Resource Management.

Prof. Dr. Stefan Winter


A blog by students for students. You want to know which professions can be pursued after studying social sciences? In this blog, students of social sciences at the RUB share their internship experiences. This is intended to provide an insight into the diverse occupational fields of social scienti...

Dr. Heike Hoppmann

information course

Here you will find information on the regulations of  copyright law according to § 60 UrhG. You also have the opportunity to ask questions about in a forum.

Kathrin Braungardt

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This lecture is aimed at non-economists, but in particular at law students with an interest in the economic analysis of law. It is offered every semester. The lecture is intended for the conventional areas of microeconomics and their application to legal issue...

Dr. rer. pol. Marc Scheufen

OpenCourseWare (OCW)

In this OCW course, the structure, design and sequence of the lecture Educational & Pedagogical Theories from SoSe16 are presented. The lecture is part of the Bildungswissenschaftliches Basismodul (BiWi) which is a compulsory module for students who want to...

Prof. Dr. Till Kössler
Banner Erstikurs

self-study course in Moodle

This course is all about e-learning and online activities at the RUB!

Good to have you here! This Moodle course serves as your "digital" introduction to university life. We will show you how to find your way around at our university and which digital media you will be confronted with, so...

Projekt eTeam Digitalisierung für Ruhr-Universität Bochum


A podcast about greenwashing by students from the Faculty of Psychology and the Chair of Industrial, Organizational and Business Psychology. They look at the topic of greenwashing from a social psychological perspective.

Sophie Berretta, Semina Lainas, Annika Siebert, Jakob Siegel, Leon Straub

self assessment

The RUBCheck Japanology is an online self-test with which you can inform yourself about this field of study and determine your own stre...


self assessment

The RUBCheck Law is an online self-test with which you can inform yourself about this field of study and determine your own strengths a...


self assessment

The RUBCheck Sales Engineering and Product Management (SEPM) is an online self-te...


self assessment

The RUBCheck Sinology is an online self-test with which you can inform yourself about this field of study and determine your own streng...


self assessment

The RUBCheck Social Science offers you multimedia tests, information and learning units that inform you about the necessary requirement...


self assessment

Using the RUBCheck Management and Economics, you will be able to acquaint yourself with the Bachelor’s degree course “Management and Economics” at RUB and to identify your strengths and areas for improvement. The RUBCheck will thus help you weigh up the pros and cons of the degree course and indi...


self assessment

Are you interested in studying at the RUB? The RUBChecks provide you with multimedia tools to help you prepare for your studies at the RUB. For selected Bachelor's and Master's programmes, you have the opportunity to reflect your expectations, gain insights into the contents and processes of the...



A document with recommendations to make the Zoom conference a success.

Michael Fuchs, Bereich eLearning, Zentrum für Wissenschaftsdidaktik, Ruhr-Uni Bochum


The workshop "East Asia and the EU as Partners in Global Economic Governance" took place on 4 July, 2017. International participants and speakers addressed questions of actorness, role conceptions and forms and venues for EU cooperation with East Asia. This course presents video recordings of the...

Prof. Dr. Sebastian Bersick, Lena Marie Hufnagel