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The basic course  "Neuere deutsche Literaturwissenschaft" (Modern German Literature Studies) introduces s...

Robert Schütze
Literatur research

self-study course in Moodle

Literary work is a fundamental part of scientific work. This course presents the basics of research and the handling of literature as well as special databases (overviews of databases of certain subjects: chemistry, biology, physics, mathematics, geography) in the form...

Prof. Dr. Katrin Sommer, Dr. Christian Strippel & Dr. Nicolas Efing


Teaching recharged: the download centre gives  lecturers at Ruhr university the opportunity to get suggestions on all aspects of teaching.

ZFW Hochschuldidaktik


The accompanying exercise to the basic course in German Medieval Studies offers an introduction to working with Middle High German texts. In addition to an insight into different genres, the course is about dealing with the Middle High German language and consolidating the understanding of it....

PD Dr. Michael Ott

information course

In the course of the digitalization of teaching, innovative teaching concepts are increasingly being developed and integrated into university teaching, which opens up new opportunities for teaching and learning. This course gives you information about the Inverted Class...

RUBeL-Team: eScouts ICM

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In this OCW course, the combined introductory seminar "Development and Learning of Educational Science Studies in Structure, Construction and Process", organised in WiSe 2015/2016, is presented. In addition to the list of topics and references, you will also find materi...

Dr. Julia Eberle
Viele Karten


On this map, the topography of the fictional novel landscape from Ernst Jünger's Heliopolis (1949) is presented as an online map.

Dr. Manuel Mackasare
Zeche Zollverein


Explore the Ruhr area’s literary side! On the literature map of the Ruhr area you will find showplaces from novels and poems, whereabouts of local authors and literary institutions.

Dr. Stephanie Heimgartner


The Open Educational Resources (OER) bibliography lists recommended literature and weblinks to give an introduction to the topic of open educational materials. In addition, publications on the evaluation of OER and useful links for the search and application of OER are...

RUBeL: eScouts OER


The professor needs your help! Valuable medieval books have disappeared from the library.

Are you ready for a journey back in time to the Middle Ages to find the books again?


Juliane Bienert

information course


AG Open Science


This Moodle course is directed at people interested in creating podcasts in a teaching-learning context. Its contents range from an evaluation of the potential of podcasts to technical requirements and (listening) examples from university teaching.

Anika Meißner, Holger Kahle and Madeleine Landsberg Scherff

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In this OCW course, the structure, organization, and sequence of the course School, School System, and School Reforms from the Perspective of School Pedagogy held in WiSe 2022/2023 will be presented

Dr. Sebastian Boller


Every year, works from different fields, visual arts, literature or film and more, enter the public domain. What does that mean? Public domain means that these works no longer have a rights holder. In Germany, this occurs 70 years after the death of the author.

A list of the authors conce...