Happy Death

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In the Advanced Practice: Death and Spaces, budding historians have explored the theme of death and space across epochs. The 5x5000 Winner Course is now available as OCW.

Dr. Muriel González Athenas, Dr. Olena Petrenko, Mirjam Reitmayer, Dr. Meret Strothmann


Immerse yourself in the realm of pixels and creative programming using JavaScript and p5.js. Explore how art and technology converge within the computer and the potential implications for "post-internet art" and "new aesthetics."

Mace Ojala

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In this OCW course, the structure, design and sequence of the lecture Educational & Pedagogical Theories from SoSe16 are presented. The lecture is part of the Bildungswissenschaftliches Basismodul (BiWi) which is a compulsory module for students who want to...

Prof. Dr. Till Kössler
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The exercise dealt with maps as sources for historical research. Students were required to use different eLearning tools in their obligatory final presentation.

Dr. Agnieszka Zagańczyk-Neufeld

course concept

In SoSe 2017 a cooperation between the educational sciences and history didactics took place. In accordance with the motto "INTERdisciPLAYnarity", students from both disciplines worked in interdisciplinary groups on the topics of museum didactics and computer games as a learning medium.

Prof. Dr. Sandra Aßmann & Prof. Dr. Christian Bunnenberg
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This website aims to bring the movements of travelers into a virtual environment in order to open up German-Turkish-Ottoman history.

Philipp Goldt, Sebastian Döpp
Zeche Zollverein


Explore the Ruhr area’s literary side! On the literature map of the Ruhr area you will find showplaces from novels and poems, whereabouts of local authors and literary institutions.

Dr. Stephanie Heimgartner


‘The metaverse’ does not yet exist. It merely exists as many different visions of a future of computing, especially a future that Meta and Mark Zuckerberg would like to shape.

Prof. Dr. Armin Beverungen

Audio Recording

Based on the example of teaching history about the World War II in Poland and Russia, this podcast looks at how educational institutions and new media, from museums to universities, engage with politics of memory. Guests from academia, journalism, memorial sites and museums provide insights into...

Dr. Agnieszka Zaganczyk-Neufeld, Patrick Lehmhaus
Drei Personen mit VR-Brillen

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This course deals theoretically and practically with virtual reality applications in memorial sites, which are viewed more closely from the perspective of digital history, historical theory, historical game studies and the didactics of history.

Elena Lewers