Darstellung von Grafik und Rechnung


The poster gives an overview of the concept of a course in physics "Basics of Quantum Mechanics and Statistics".

Dr. Christopher Körber
stochastische visualisierung


The Moodle course "OER.Stochastik.nrw" consists of digital materials for the subject area of stochastics as it is taught at universities in Germany and abroad in the Bachelor phase. It is an unsupervised online course.

Herold Dehling et. al.
Dornenkrone, Liebe

self-study course in Moodle

Jesus rose from the dead, he was raised from the dead - this is the basic confession of the Christian faith. How is this faith expressed? Is it an illusion or a reality? What is its theological meaning?

Aleksandra Brand, Miriam Pawlak, Prof. Dr. Thomas Söding
Titelbild mit dem Text "Lehre und Lernen öffnen: Einführung OER"

self-study course in Moodle

What are Open Educational Resources and Creative Commons licenses?
How can teaching and learning materials be used sustainably?

Michael Fuchs