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The basic course "Modern German Literary Studies" introduces students to the central subject areas of German Studies. The seminar was offered in winter semester 2016/2017 by Dr. Kleinwort and shows exemplarily, how an NDL basic course can be conducted, which topics are dealt with and which achievements have to be made.

Dr. Malte Kleinwort
100 Tage Prosa

self-study course in Moodle

From 21 April 2020, a daily short prose text, mostly written by me, will be made available in the course "Hundred Days of Prose".

Pro. Dr. Armin Schäfer

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This educational sciences seminar (area "Lehr-/Lernforschung") from WiSe 17/18 offered an understandable introduction to the theories of motivation and interest research. The seminar focused on the question of how motivation can be distinguished from interest.

Vanessa van den Bogaert