Happy Death

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In the Advanced Practice: Death and Spaces, budding historians have explored the theme of death and space across epochs. The 5x5000 Winner Course is now available as OCW.

Dr. Muriel González Athenas, Dr. Olena Petrenko, Mirjam Reitmayer, Dr. Meret Strothmann


This course is a past course on VR in different application context.

Janou Feikens, Paul Leon Hoffstiepel
Darstellung von Grafik und Rechnung

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The lecture "Basics of Quantum Mechanics and Statistics" gives an overview of the subject and is supported by interactive elements in the Moodle course.

Dr. Christopher Körber, Dominic Hillenkötter, Henri Huesmann, Ilja Jaroschewski, Nils Conrad, Michael Abolnikov, Hajar Mouqadem, Sven Reibert and Max Ziehfreund


The accompanying exercise to the basic course in German Medieval Studies offers an introduction to working with Middle High German texts. In addition to an insight into different genres, the course is about dealing with the Middle High German language and consolidating the understanding of it....

PD Dr. Michael Ott

course concept

In SoSe 2017 a cooperation between the educational sciences and history didactics took place. In accordance with the motto "INTERdisciPLAYnarity", students from both disciplines worked in interdisciplinary groups on the topics of museum didactics and computer games as a learning medium.

Prof. Dr. Sandra Aßmann & Prof. Dr. Christian Bunnenberg

Audio Recording

The podcast "Sports Nutrition the Science Podcast" focuses on topics of sports nutrition. The current topics of nutrition in (competitive) sport are discussed and scientifically examined. Among other things, the podcast is about basics such as food energy, but also about the relevance of certain...

Marius Kirmse, Vanessa Höffmann
Field trip


This website is an online-field trip through some quarters of the city of Bochum in which topics from the geography-module “city and regional development” are picked up and exemplary advanced. Material (audio data, maps, questions) is made available online for students to autonomously conduct fie...

Dr. Astrid Seckelmann