Darstellung von Grafik und Rechnung

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The lecture "Basics of Quantum Mechanics and Statistics" gives an overview of the subject and is supported by interactive elements in the Moodle course.

Dr. Christopher Körber, Dominic Hillenkötter, Henri Huesmann, Ilja Jaroschewski, Nils Conrad, Michael Abolnikov, Hajar Mouqadem, Sven Reibert and Max Ziehfreund
Darstellung von Daten


Data has no form. It is therefore above all the medial communication of data that plays a decisive role. After all, it is only by making data available that it becomes addressable for human observation.

Dr. des. Paul Heinicker
Darstellung Gehirn unter Mikroskop


An image collection of more than 700 histological and pathological samples is made available with content allocation to the various organ systems of the human body.

Konsortium Digital HISTO NRW
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The exercise dealt with maps as sources for historical research. Students were required to use different eLearning tools in their obligatory final presentation.

Dr. Agnieszka Zagańczyk-Neufeld

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This course is part of the module Groundwater Hydraulics and was held in the summer semester 2021. It provides an introduction to the theory behind numerical modelling in relation to groundwater. The program Grass GIS was used for this purpose.

Dr. Thomas Heinze


Images on the topic of plagiarism

Kathrin Braungardt
Laptop mit H5P Logo

information course

H5P, a tool integrated into Moodle, specifically offers several ways to create interactive images. In this course, you will get a short explanation and a sample view of the different ways H5P can create interactive images.

Kathrin Braungardt & Alexander Huckestein
Darstellung von Grafik und Rechnung


The poster gives an overview of the concept of a course in physics "Basics of Quantum Mechanics and Statistics".

Dr. Christopher Körber
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self-study course in Moodle

Are you a (future) teacher? Then you are surely interested in suitable teaching materials: Open Educational Resources (OER) are freely available and free-of-charge educational materials. This self-study course is intended to provide OER basics and covers the following contents: Overview of OER, C...

RUBeL-Team: eScouts OER

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In this OCW course, the combined introductory seminar "Development and Learning of Educational Science Studies in Structure, Construction and Process", organised in WiSe 2015/2016, is presented. In addition to the list of topics and references, you will also find materi...

Dr. Julia Eberle
gezeichnetes Logo


This website aims to bring the movements of travelers into a virtual environment in order to open up German-Turkish-Ottoman history.

Philipp Goldt, Sebastian Döpp
Thoughts, Laplacian Matrix


Here you can find the lecture notes "Laplacian Matrix for Dimensionality Reduction and Clustering" by Prof. Dr. Laurenz Wiskott from the Institute of Neuroinformatics at Ruhr-Universität Bochum.

Prof. Dr. Laurenz Wiskott


This course is the lecture "Death" in Modern German Literary Studies, which was held in the winter semester 2022/23. From the point of view of literar...

Prof. Dr. Benedikt Jeßing
Sustainable development goals and Open Educational Resources



ZfW, Bereich eLearning (RUBeL)


The Open Educational Resources (OER) bibliography lists recommended literature and weblinks to give an introduction to the topic of open educational materials. In addition, publications on the evaluation of OER and useful links for the search and application of OER are...

RUBeL: eScouts OER


These are the presentation slides for the reflective practise presentation: Establishing a University Repository for OER in Germany. The presentation was held by Michael Fuchs at the OER19 conference in Galway, Ireland.

Michael Fuchs, eScouts OER
Diversity quilt


Free educational materials under an open licence offer potential for creating diversity-sensitive teaching/learning materials. Such materials can refer to diverse communities, such as different sexual orientations, gender identities, people with disabilities, people of different origins and relig...

OER-Team der RUB


Slides for the one-hour short introduction "Hybrid teaching scenarios at the RUB" by the eLearning team RUBeL. Hybrid teaching formats, technology and design are discussed.

Kathrin Braungardt


Dieser Selbstlektürekurs bietet einen Überblick über die Entwicklungen buddhistischer Traditionen in Südasien.

Prof. Dr. Jessie Pons
Chinese Characters


The "Shouki" project is designed to make learning Chinese characters, pronunciation and reading comprehension as efficient, practical and fun as possible. For this purpose, the project created a number of flashcard decks by students for students, which can be learned using the flashcard program "...

Prof. Dr. Christian Schwermann, Lea Brandes, Zuosheng Ding, Fabian Evers, Lukas Krüger, Edith Ladermann, Mi Liu, Gerrit Rolofs, Marlen Zimmerman