Due to the COVID 19 pandemic, the summer semester 2020 had to be held online. This means that every event that was held this semester is online. We assume that a large number of high-quality materials have been created in the process. They can be opened and made available on OpenRUB.



webtalk oer

You have the opportunity to attend daily webinars on various topics related to Open Educational Resourc...


self-study course in Moodle

In this module you will see an example of the creation of a video. You will get to know different software, can consider didactic questions and get suggestions on how to use videos in your lessons.

This is part of the joint project Digital Teaching and Learning in Teacher Education (digiL...

Annette Hansen

self-study course in Moodle

In this module you will learn how different media can be distinguished from each other, what this means for their applications in teaching and learning processes, and which functions they can take on.

This is part of the joint project Digital Teaching and Learning in Teacher Education (di...

PSE: Mirja Beutel
digiLL NRW


Digital Teaching and Learning in Teacher Education: A joint project of the five teacher training centres of the universities of Bochum, Dortmund, Duisburg-Essen, Cologne and Münster. In general didactic and subject-specific learning modules, teachers and teacher trainees learn a lot about the use...

Professional School of Education
Escape Room

OpenCourseWare (OCW)

This OCW-course serves as a demonstration course for the creation of Escape Room Games. The course took place in the winter semester 2020/2021. The purpose of the course is to explore practical and theoretical questions on how digital games represent, implement, and construct space.

Janou Feikens
Handschriftliche Notizen


The video shows how to submit handwritten assignments in Moodle. There will be tips for scanning assignments that are written on paper. It will also show the way to upload these assignments to Moodle. Reference will be made to apps for iOS and Android that can be used for scanning.

Anja Häusler, Magdalena Klasa, Bereich Deutsch als Fremdsprache
IC-Gebäude, Karte


The eTeam ING of the RUB has designed a digital treasure hunt for schoolgirls*, beginning students and all those interested, with which the player* can get to know the IC building of the RUB.

eTeam ING: Katharina Jacob and Michael Fuchs
Darstellung von Figuren, die Videos konzipieren und erstellen

OpenCourseWare (OCW)

In this seminar in blended learning format, which included both face-to-face and e-learning units, the students addressed the question of why they chose their field of study and how they can tell others about it in video format using digital storytelling and create their own video.

Ines Gottschalk


Lecture notes, Videos and Exercises on independent component analysis.

Prof. Dr. Laurenz Wiskott

information course

In the course of the digitalization of teaching, innovative teaching concepts are increasingly being developed and integrated into university teaching, which opens up new opportunities for teaching and learning. This course gives you information about the Inverted Class...

RUBeL-Team: eScouts ICM
Banner Erstikurs

self-study course in Moodle

This course is all about e-learning and online activities at the RUB!

Good to have you here! This Moodle course serves as your "digital" introduction to university life. We will show you how to find your way around at our university and which digital media you will be confronted with, so...

Projekt eTeam Digitalisierung für Ruhr-Universität Bochum


A presentation that introduces the most important digital contact points at the RUB, from eCampus to Moodle and much more. Created for engineers, suitable for everyone!

Katharina Jacob & Michael Fuchs


A presentation that introduces the most important digital contact points at the RUB - from eCampus to Moodle. Created for engineers, intended for everyone!

Michael Fuchs
social media


This open course presents selected materials and results from the proseminar "Media (everyday) worlds between formal and informal contexts", which was held in the winter semester 2020/2021.

Olga Neuberger


This Moodle course is directed at people interested in creating podcasts in a teaching-learning context. Its contents range from an evaluation of the potential of podcasts to technical requirements and (listening) examples from university teaching.

Anika Meißner, Holger Kahle and Madeleine Landsberg Scherff

Audio Recording

In this eLearning Podcast, RUBeL talks to guests working in higher education about their digital projects, methods, ideas and concepts - subject-specific and/or interdisciplinary and application-oriented from teaching practice.

Chinese Characters


The "Shouki" project is designed to make learning Chinese characters, pronunciation and reading comprehension as efficient, practical and fun as possible. For this purpose, the project created a number of flashcard decks by students for students, which can be learned using the flashcard program "...

Prof. Dr. Christian Schwermann, Lea Brandes, Zuosheng Ding, Fabian Evers, Lukas Krüger, Edith Ladermann, Mi Liu, Gerrit Rolofs, Marlen Zimmerman

information course

You want to integrate tests and assignments into Moodle and don't know how? You have had little or no contact with tests and assignments in Moodle and don't know what the user view looks like? Are you wondering how...